Students revolutionizing
German eSports.

While eSport is very popular outside of the country, there have so far not been that many related institutions and teams over here in Germany. That changed when students from Cologne had the idea of founding a student-driven eSport network: Cologne Gaming Network. Through Facebook the team was desperately searching for help on designing their new website. Being inspired by the idea of a network managed by students only, I reached out to them and we met up. 2019 was full of meetings, conceptualizing, taking photos, designing a logo and finally creating the website. Future plans include designing merchandise such as clothing, gaming gear (e.g. keyboards or mouse pads) and visual material for public relations as well as a YouTube channel. The network is happy to already manage several successful players in World of Warcraft, Hearthstone and especially Super Smash Bros. Cologne Gaming Network takes part in multiple international competitions and won several awards in 2019.